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Bob Dylan quote from college

Glacier summit
First trip to Glacier is closing in.

During the 1979-80 Junior year of college i had a dorm room wall poster with this quote from Bob Dylan:

He who is not busy being born, is busy dying.

Growth is stimulating.

Growth is more than physical, it also applies to attitude.

Like a muscle, strain – from experiences – strengthens our mental outlook.

Learn to be intentional where you used to be less intentional or unconcerned.

Enjoy the soreness when you push yourself past your perceived limits. Soreness means the work was more than you are used to enduring.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

jeff noel, Please Give Your Audience An Example Of How You Applied Disney Excellence To Midlife?

How Does One Stay At The Top Of Their Game For A Lifetime?

Dear Boomer friends, we all know the unfair surprising number of health related challenges midlife brings. High cholesterol struck jeff noel 12 years ago, and with a family history of heart disease, noel needed to refocus on excellent diet and exercise habits.

Diet and exercise gurus teach the “how to” diet, “how to” exercise – this is good. But health gurus, for whatever reason, neglect the critical success factor that noel preaches at Lane 8 – getting healthy is one thing, staying there is a lifetime event.

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Honey, It's For You

Mid Life Workaholics Unite

“Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings”.Ed Gardner

Workaholics rarely have courage for self-confrontation.  We’re too busy trying to control things and control life.  If we pause long enough to notice the bleeding, we might have to change who we are.

Panic attack, right?  When will we take time to:

  • Rethink
  • Reprioritize
  • Recommit

Probably never.  Am I wrong?

Or maybe when the phone rings, “Honey, it’s for you, it’s your wake up call”.


Is an honest mistake a real thing?

The post that was originally here has been removed because i inadvertently made an honest mistake over six years ago.

About Mid Life Celebration Life's Big Choices (4 total)

Top 10 List – Body

Things to consider:

1.  What’s my weight?

2.  What’s my cholesterol?

3.  What’s my blood pressure?

4.  What’s my BMI (body mass index)?

5.  What’s my trigyliceride level?

6.  What’s my resting heart rate?

7.  What do I do for exercise?

8.  How important are my eating habits?

9.  What are my health goals?

10. What are my health beliefs and habits?