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This book isn’t about jeff noel

Famous Royalty
Being in the spotlight is life for some.


Made the decision five years ago to the day (1.1.09) to just shut the heck up and start doing the really important things personally promised long, long ago.

Betting we would literally set ourselves on fire if we finally discovered the second most magnificent day in our life.

This book isn’t about jeff noel. It’s about balancing life five big buckets, and forever choosing between give up or never give up.

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Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?

Each day begins like the one before

With the exception of the guy on the left, these fellows are some of the fastest sprinters in the world, aged 60 and over..

midlife attitude

Each day begins like the one before. Midlife Baby Boomer, jeff noel (that’s me), has a morning routine. Most Boomers do. This is a blessing and a curse. An advantage, and a disadvantage.

Most middle-aged adults don’t have this (attitude or awareness) on their radar. Slogging through life. I’ll be damned if that disease will infect my family.

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PS. Bill Collins, far right, IS the fastest man in the world over 60.

Need Help Not Giving Up?

Does the determination on his face remind you of you?

mens javelin throw


Boomers, does the determination on his face remind you of you?

This athlete is over 60 years old. What’s your impossible. Wishing you a fun, and healthy day.

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Why doing something each day that scares you is important

Have never run a 1500 in a meet. Not sure why today. Except that it’s scary…

race list

Doing something each day that scares you. Why is this important? Because it stretches us. Helps us grow. We start getting old when we stop growing. Common sense. Not common.


  • Flew to Chicago with just a small backpack
  • Left without a hotel reservation
  • Running 1st competitive 1500, ever, in a couple hours

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Everything Is Important

What jeff noel Believes Is Most Important – Reprise #2

To cross or not cross. Or is it the cross or no cross?

We’ll spend our life making responsible decisions in mind, body, spirit, money (career), and hq (the paperwork of life), or not.

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