Dreaming tips

Dandelion closeup
Dandelion closeup yesterday.

Dreaming tips:

  • Spend time dreaming
  • Dream extravagantly
  • Dream big
  • Dream for your community
  • Dream for your world
  • Be on the front line of your dream
  • Preach everyday, when necessary use words

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Two midlife liberation tips you will not hear anyplace else

A beautiful Central Florida dawn
A beautiful Central Florida dawn (my chimney in the lower right )


A beautiful Central Florida dawn
In less than one-half an hour…. (PS. Same chimney in lower right)


Beautiful Central Florida sunrise
Same sky, same vantage point, completely different (same chimney lower right)


Two midlife liberation tips you will not hear anyplace else:

  1. Do what you say you are going to do
  2. Eliminate stress medication by treating the cause, not the symptoms

We pollute our mind, body and spirit so slowly over the years, we are able to rationalize that we have not really polluted it. No?

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Four things to do everyday to be happier

Boomers, this will be us one day. Will we have the guts and determination to publicly show our slowness?

brave seniors

Four things to do everyday to be happier:

  1. Enjoy the luxury of being alive
  2. Enjoy the luxury of growing older
  3. Enjoy the privilege to be an example
  4. Enjoy the luxury of getting out of bed each morning

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When mentally overwhelmed, do these four things…

Moments like these are rare, so we must create them with our mental imagining powers…

nature's solitude

When mentally overwhelmed, try:

  • long, slow, deep, breaths
  • calming your mind with nice thoughts
  • count the introverted blessings that don’t naturally call for attention
  • spontaneously dream creatively and big picture-ish

The rewards are often unexpected while trying to stay out of trouble and be a likable person… while questioning literally everything.

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