jeff noel’s Disney Leadership Basics Will Challenge You

disney author Jeff Noel writing at DIsney's Animal Kingdom
Today’s writing is at DIsney’s Animal Kingdom.

jeff noel’s Disney Leadership Basics Will Challenge You

Who pushes you and your organization to do your best work?

Does overwhelm and urgency drive most of your days?

Are you satisfied with your cultural and personal leadership?

Do most days feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole on a corporate scale?

If you cleared your calendar from distraction for an entire day, what would you focus on and why?

If you could wave a Magic Wand, it would provide the corporate architecture for building better answers.

Jeff’s four world-class leadership basics provide a brilliantly simple blueprint for better days, better outcomes, and better health – organizationally and personally.

Leadership Basics

What’s the foundational difference between a vision and a vision statement?

What’s the remarkable difference between training versus development?

What are the two key buckets for crystal clear accountability?

When it comes to commitment, do others see you as the consummate example or as a glaring warning?

Jeff’s leadership architecture provides the transformational template for organizational and personal vibrancy.

Every employee, at every level, in every company will walk away equipped with catalytic leadership DNA to solve their unsolvables.

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Great Leadership Categorically Changes Everything

Disney author Jeff Noel on iPhone at Carousel of Progress
Writing from Tomorrowland today.

Great Leadership Categorically Changes Everything

Do you want to lead the category or do you want to become the category?

After you read the next sentence, ask yourself what your organization (or you if you can’t influence an entire company) would have to do differently to have your customers and employees feeling it, talking about it, and loving it?

Be the category.

Imagine being a category of one.

No one else does what you do in the way you do it and your customers (and employees) love you for it.

Great leadership categorically changes everything.

Yes or no?

Please remember we aren’t talking about good and very good leadership. At Disney we have a saying, “Good and very good aren’t good enough.”

Be the category.

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How Does Disney Lead?

Walt Disney World's Sun Trust Building
Today’s Disney writing from the Sun Trust Building. This building served as Walt Disney World Corporate Headquarters from 1971-1989. The Team Disney Building became WDW HQ in 1989.

How Does Disney Lead?

The harsh reality is that satisfaction is dangerous.

At Disney, we are never satisfied.

Every day, all day, we are focused on exceeding expectations at every customer and employee touch point.

Sound like your organization?

Never satisfied?



A world-class organizational leadership culture must set a standard so high, it literally guarantees competitive immunity.

Think about it and imagine your organizational leadership being intentional and relentless about clearly outdistancing your competition.

Now imagine how aiming for solid customer and employee “satisfaction” scores on your surveys.

Satisfaction is not the goal.

Exceeding expectations is the goal.

World-class leadership excellence is the goal.

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Lead Like You Mean it

Disney's Casting Center
Writing from Disney’s Casting Center, mid-October, 2016.

Lead Like You Mean it

If you are accused of being a great leader, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

When i say lead like you mean it, i mean, and sorry if this feels uncomfortable, does the level of inspiration rise when you show up? Does it remain high when you’re not there?

What if it did on both accounts?

Here’s the harsh reality, it’s not the Disney Magic that makes it work, it’s the hard work that makes it Magic.

Nothing substitutes for focus, discipline, and a clear, concise, and compelling vision.

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If You Need Inspiring Words, Don’t Do It

Writing today from Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World.

If You Need Inspiring Words, Don’t Do It

Be so clear about the leadership excellence you want to architect, build, and grow that nothing can extinguish your fire.

Burn the ships.

If what you’re doing doesn’t make our world better, you’ll know it because you’ll keep hitting your snooze button.

And if hitting the snooze button is your modus operandi (yes, it’s criminal), no amount of inspirational quotes and anecdotes will ever move the needle.

Positive, uplifting quotes are wonderful. They give us the same warm and fuzzy feeling a shot of whiskey provides to an alcoholic. But you’ll never see anyone world-class doing shots before they do important, inspiring work.

Our goal is to literally jump out of bed at the first chiming of our morning ringtone and welcome the brand new day like we’re welcoming the most important day of our life.

Is boldness genius?

You could Google it to research who said it (like it even matters), or you could say it and get to work – like you mean it (which matters more than anything).

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