Surprising Jimmy Stewart Midlife Poem

Thank you for visiting Mid Life Celebration. I know most of you are insanely busy. How? Because I’m one of you. It’s also easy to predict that most of you will not have time to click on this video, especially if you’re reading from a handheld device.

So this is for the others. The few. The ones who know full well that life is hard and that carving out time has to be some one’s responsibility.

Did you watch the sunset last night? Or the sunrise this morning?

Time marches on. This is a beautiful story. Just like last night’s sunset. But you really have no idea do you?

Grieving The Loss of a Pet

Unconditional Love (Both Ways)
Unconditional Love (Both Ways)

By mid life, most of us (not all, but most) have had family pets and have had to deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

This can be gut wrenching, and deeply emotional.

Have you been there?

Sometimes we see it coming.  Sometimes it happens in an instant. Either way, it is never easy.

Finding a good way to express our grief at the loss of a beloved Family pet will bring us a mid life peace we so desperately need.

Click here, if you find yourself in need, to read a comforting article on this topic.

I just read it and fold greater peace.

This is exactly what me and my Family needs right now.

Yesterday, we laid Carter, our beloved Canine Son (yellow Lab of 11 years)), to rest.

Mid Life Celebration Valentine

John 3:16
John 3:16

Valentine’s Day.  Mid Life Celebration. Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Today’s thought is a simple one.

John 3:16