When does four days equal 20 blog posts?

MLC – 2008.


MLC – mind, body, spirit, money.


MLC – HQ became the fifth box…the one that surrounds the other four boxes. It was there all along, but i was blind to it…until one day…


As you read this, please understand i was insecure, afraid, and alone when i thought up and began that crazy idea on April 1, 2009.

When do four days equal 20 blog posts?

When you write five daily blog posts.

When i began brainstorming what Mid Life Celebration was going to be in the first few years, i had determined life had four big choices…

  1. Mind (MidLifeCelebration.com)
  2. Body (Lane8.org)
  3. Spirit (jeffnoel.org)
  4. Money (work) (JungleJeff.net)

So i purchased the four domain names above, my gut also told me i should have an “office”, like an administrative HQ for all the stuff that wouldn’t naturally fit into mind, body, spirit, money.

jeffnoel.com was owned by an Arizona State Farm agent.

Being decently organized, i purchased backorder rights through GoDaddy.com for jeffnoel.com in case the State Farm agent let it go for any reason.

Sure enough, and much sooner than i could have hoped, he didn’t renew and i received the right to buy it 73 days after his expiration date.

This was March 2009.

It was then that i added the fifth blog, HQ.

So yeah, i often forget that i originally had four big choices in life versus five.

Visiting the archives for the three posts from March 2009, i’m reminded that i had the fifth choice all along – i called it a digital, administrative store-front. A place that served the digital equivalent of an office on Main Street, USA.

It’s been three years since i wrote in this blog’s category labeled Life’s Big Choices (4 Total).


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These people are not saying the other people are wrong

Walt Disney quote


(photo: Christmas card arrived yesterday from a client, friend, and fellow Disney fanatic. Losing our childhood enthusiasm is tragic.)

Do we fill our brains, and thus our attitude, with positive, uplifting, inspirational, good and decent books, film, TV, web, friends, Family, community, work?

Not agreeing with certain behaviors, content, and habits, and steering as clear as possible from these doesn’t mean we think the other person is wrong.

A vegetarian doesn’t have to compromise when steak is served.

Same with attitude.

Happy April Fool’s Day eve as this post goes live. (written just four days before Christmas)

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Life’s Five Big Buckets (Choices) Are So Interconnected, It’s Impossible To Separate Them

Palm Springs Resort staircase & the Bob Hope fountain
Palm Springs Resort elevator floor mat

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ. These five Big Life Choices are deceptively simple. Their interconnectedness is so critical to work life balance that we can all see the obvious truth, but most midlife Boomers become immediately overwhelmed with the thought of excellent work life balance in all five.

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What Are Life’s 5 Big Choices?

Life Would Be Easier If We Were A Dog At The Beach
Life Would Be Easier If We Were A Dog At The Beach

Buzzwords are a dime a dozen: wellness, balance, holistic, integrity, focus, discipline, harmony, peace.

Life’s big choices? There are only five. You know this right? My guess is that most people aren’t passionate enough about self-actualization to begin and finish the search.

Neither good nor bad. It is what it is. As long as we are fulfilled with our big choices in life. Right?

The five are Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. (repetition is the mother of all learning)

Am I missing one that you think is important, and doesn’t fall into the big five?

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