Authenticity (New Currency)

We are trainer and trainee

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You are the CEO of You, Inc.


We are trainer and trainee.

Spending the past few days with the uniquely close college buddies (and their wives/children) was an opportunity to be profoundly reminded about these basics:

  • Life is hard
  • Life is glorious
  • Lifelong friendship makes a person feel rich

The fact that these relationships have been kept alive for 38 years (freshman year 1977) is a most cherished blessing.

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Book Publishing

Lessons cease when we cease, no sooner

stack of leadership books
A great lesson is from writing a book, versus reading them (these are not my books btw)


Lessons cease when we cease, no sooner. Perhaps the greatest lesson?

Knowing that life is lived one day at a time, no matter what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow.

Past accomplishments and future hopes do not guarantee anything today.

That’s our job. To guarantee our day, today, is remarkable.

It’s called personal leadership.

It starts with attitude.

And expectations.

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This Is Just For Me

Thinking of wellness with the same commitment as great customer service

White Lab at Celebration, Florida office complex
There’s much to be learned about ourselves in how we treat animals


The struggle is daily. And so are the temptations.

Thinking of wellness with the same commitment as great customer service, what would we do differently for ourselves?

The ball is in our court. All day, everyday.

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Life Celebration Ripple Effect

Dead Serious

Good luck with that Mister…

Yesterday’s post was dead serious. Our educational system is being re-written as I type these words. But it’s happening by default. Not by design. There’s no clear vision.

I’m placing a stake in the ground. Mid Life Celebration, LLC is dedicated to driving the teaching and learning – of mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual (emotional) responsibility, financial (career) responsibility and personal-life administration responsibility – from pre-school through college graduation.

Yes, I have a dream where children enter adulthood equipped with years of practical, common sense life skills.

The thesis being: With every one of Life’s Big Choices comes a consequence.

Follow the path of The Herd, or follow the path of The Movement.

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At Least It’s Not Complicated

Simple, Key, Repeatable Messages
Simple, Key, Repeatable Messages

Life is hard.

And difficult.

But at least it’s not complicated.

Mental responsibilty.

Physical responsibility.

Spiritual responsibilty.

Career responsibility.

Administrative responsibility.