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Happy Valentine’s Day Cheryl

This sign makes me feel lost.

Happy Valentine’s Day Cheryl – I would be lost without you. Lost. Totally.

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Peace In Your Soul

Mid Life Celebration Valentine

John 3:16
John 3:16

Valentine’s Day.  Mid Life Celebration. Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Today’s thought is a simple one.

John 3:16


What’s the definition of a Lover?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What’ the definition of a Lover?

Here’s a definition that may surprise you. I heard it on the radio today, after attending the National Speakers Association Winter Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando.

A Lover can satisfy a woman.

The same woman.

For his entire lifetime.

Please, let’s hear that one more time.

A Lover can satisfy a woman, the same woman, for his entire lifetime.