Mid Life Saturday

Mid Life Saturday.  Finally, the weekend is here.

“Always do one less thing than you think you can do”. — Bernard Baruch


Except for one thing. I’m human. Humans are perfect. Perfectly imperfect.

The odds of me scaling back are fairly slim. Not impossible, but stacked against me.

Why? Because of habits.

That’s the biggest mid-life challenge.  Redefining our mid life habits.

That’s why the tag line here at Mid Life Celebration is: Rethink. Reprioritize. Recommit.

I’m not talking about casual changes, or token changes, but about serious, life altering changes.

As Mid Life Celebration matures, I’ll be revealing more personal examples of how my life has changed.

As a prelude, you may find it surprising to know that I’ve overcome addiction, disability, and a host of other things people have no clue about.

That’s why I can preach about this stuff.  I’ve been to the gates of hell.  I gauran-dang-tee you, I hated it.

Is it getting hot in here or am I sweating?

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