Mid-Life Marriage

Mid-Life Marriage.

Today marks my 26th wedding anniversary with my wife.

I believe I’m the luckiest man in the Universe.  Seriously.

We met 30 years ago in a job interview.

She interviewed me for a Resident Assistant position at our Alma mater, West Chester University.

I got the job.

The story is so much more interesting than what’s contained here; however, it’s a tale for another time.

Until death do us part.  Words to live by.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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  1. Buddy ~ I’m the luckiest female in the Universe times 2. There was no one else for the job … but you. So incredibly happy that our passion for life took us to so many wonderful places and taught us so many incredible things…but most important, our hearts became one over 26 years ago…and remain that way today. Our relationship is a LOVE STORY. You are the most wonderful Husband to me and the best Father ever to our son.

    The best is still yet to come … Happy 26th Mid-Life Celebration Wedding Anniversary.

    i love you…the mostest and forever.
    Your Buddy,

    P.S. I’d bicycle anywhere with you!

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