My Life, Your Life, Sometimes…

Sometimes life gives us what we hope for, and sometimes it doesn’t.

It was the Fall of 1980, as a College Junior, a movie inspired a “childhood dream” to write a book for my children.

This is not the movie, but the plot is similar. And we do not have “children”, only one child. Life remains unpredictable:

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The Song Featured In Your Movie?

Pick One
Pick One

What song did you pick?

Two days ago, I asked, “If your life were made into a movie, what would be the featured song?”

Okay, so I have a confession.  This question is too difficult to answer without considerable thought.

I mean, it will be the song featured on your movie’s soundtrack, right?

My other challenge?  I’m sort of a music connoisseur and have way too much to choose from.  Most of us are like that – the love of music.

Think about it and I’ll see you tomorrow.

I Can Name That Song In

Hard To Pick Just One
Hard To Pick Just One

First thing on the list today, inspired by the Third Day song I’m currently listening to:

  1. THANK YOU Mid Life Celebration readers for visiting

It’s simply joyful to know that so many people visit each day. Your visits humble me, inspire me.

Second thing on the list: If a movie was made of your life, what song would be featured?

If it’s easier, what top two or three songs? Hard to pick just one.

Mid Life Holiday Stress

Mid Life holiday stress can rob us of the joy  we could be experiencing, if only we could focus.

But how are we supposed to focus when this time of year is so hectic?

And it occurred to me that this time of year has always been hectic. Ever see A Miracle on 34th Street?

It was inspired on Christmas eve, 1944, when Valentine Davies, a screenwriter, went gift shopping for his wife.  It was hectic, crazy, and lacked the spirit of Christmas we all know in our hearts, but often fail to make time for.

Valentine set out to create a movie that would help remind everyone that the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus, is real.  Very real.

Considered a “B” movie, it was released during the summer, and never advertised as a Christmas movie.

The American public embraced the movie so much that it ran in theaters straight through the end of the year.

It is one of the all-time great Christmas movies and one that my family and I watch every holiday season, when we can find the time.