It’s A Weird Morning

Everyone has these moments. Only the frequency varies. You know the kind – were your day begins like every other, except you just feel off-center, or weird – and you can’t put your finger on “why?”.   That said, it rarely happens in my “world”.  But it’s happening now.

Sitting here in this North Carolina Hampton Inn, at 5:30 AM, with several hours of work to do before catching a shuttle to the Charlotte airport.

It’s a weird morning.

Five days ago, I was in our son’s classroom at 9:00AM for “Teach Your Parent” day. Our son taught us several lessons from the Montessori curriculum. Then off to the Orlando airport.

Two flights and many hours later, I was on the 16th floor of the Toronto Intercontinental Hotel, connected to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and one block from the world’s tallest free-standing concrete structure.

A few days and a few speeches later, I’m in this North Carolina Hampton Inn.  The days and the speeches go by.  Each one, a tremendous opportunity to do great work. The days are long, and rewarding.

In the middle of this, our son has an overnight school camping trip at a Florida State Park.

You would think that writing five different, daily blogs would exhaust blog topics.  Quite the opposite. I find myself with so much to say.

It’s a weird morning.

Carpe Diem Midlife!

Canada, April 26, 2010
Canada, April 26, 2010

Ever get to the end of your work day and feel like you gave so much you hardly have energy to be engaged later in the evening?

Was feeling like that yesterday after giving two great keynote speeches here at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

But there were several tempting choices:

  1. Run along the harbor waterfront
  2. Visit the CN Tower (world’s tallest?)
  3. Attend the Blue Jays vs Red Sox Baseball game

So, knowing that these opportunities will most likely never come again, I’ll share photos of what happened, after I get to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Carpe diem!