Perspective is everything

West Orange HS Cross Country
Girls 5k at 8am, boys at 8:30am.


Perspective is everything.

Someone will be first and someone will be last.

How you handle these two situations says a lot about who you are.

And this is for everyone, not just the two who actually are first and last.




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Out Of No Where

Checking Their 5k Results
Checking Their 5k Results

I caught up to him on Saturday morning, 14 minutes into it, at the two-mile mark. We still had 1.1 miles to go. He looked like a good runner, and probably in my age-group.

It would be about three more minutes before I made a calculated move. Up the hill. Not a big hill, but at the 2.5 mile mark, any hill seems big.

“When you ran up that hill, I knew there was no way I’d catch you”, he said.

Out of nowhere.

That’s where it came from.

After the race, we were just talking about running, getting in shape, and the reasons we do it and the common struggles to stay motivated.

He had lost 50 pounds. “Congratulations!”, I said.


Out of nowhere.

“After our son died, I gained a lot of weight. It was three years before I decided to lose the weight”, he said.

“What happened?”, I asked, hesitantly, but unafraid.

His son was in college, but home and riding in a friend’s car.

The friend crashed, and his son died tragically.

It happened near their home.

It Was Weird

Ever have days where weird things happen?  Of course, right?  What I’m really asking is, “What do you do with your weird events? Do you dismiss them, or look for some meaning in them?”

Couple weird things yesterday:

  1. Moved Sunday’s Guest Blogger (Lorie Sheffer) post to Lane 8
  2. Ran my first 5k as a 50-year old.

Lorie Sheffer has been a regular Guest Blogger here at Mid Life Celebration for some time. It feels weird not seeing her here today. She has a great post at the next blog.

And it was really weird to receive a plaque reading, “Male Masters Overall Winner”, at yesterday’s Run Among The Lakes 5k. Wasn’t even a goal.

Are you pushing yourself?

Feels Weird
Feels Weird