Life Celebration Ripple Effect

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect. Like Martin Luther King, I, jeff noel, have a dream. And as Gandhi challenged, we must become the change we wish to see in the world. Let the change start with the elders. Let the male Baby Boomers step up as they begin retiring, to help clean up the world’s mess […]

Ladies & Non-Boomers

To every women, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial, and even Gen Z out there, you are a critical part of Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement. Start with what you know. Sage advice. Common sense (but not common). As a male Baby Boomer, born in 1959, I’m what you call an expert in this generational […]

Older Women Need This?

Do you scan headlines for interesting, funny or important news?  I do. Yesterday, while scanning my Earthlink homepage, saw an article that caught my attention.  Was on the run and didn’t have time to read it, but wanted to save it, because these headlines constantly change. The article, Older Women Need One-Hour Workouts To Fend […]

Maybe Everyone Else Is Wrong

“When everybody tells you that you are being idealistic or impractical, consider the possibility that everybody could be wrong about what is right for you.” — Gilbert Kaplan

Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer

Mid Life Celebration readers, I am pleased to introduce our Guest Blogger, Lorie Sheffer, from York, Pennsylvania. Lorie and I graduated from Spring Grove Area High School in 1997 1977. Lorie has a spin on midlife that will entertain and enlighten you. You are in for a treat. Take it away Lorie…. My email box usually […]