Back and forth between smooth sailing and ‘why did this have to happen to me’?

Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, Florida
Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, Florida


Difficult to imagine managing life’s busy, challenging, unrelenting tasks without a positive outlook.

For most of my life it was back and forth between smooth sailing and ‘why did this have to happen to me’.


Never complain.

Never feel sorry for yourself.

Work hard. Stay focused. Have as much fun as you can while doing it all.

It will not slow down until we die.

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The Movement

Is it possible to forget how to complain?

Sunrise and palm trees at The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
Not everything is as clear as we would like


Is it possible to rethink things, reprioritize those things, and then recommit to the new order in a way that transforms us from who we used to be?


I have forgotten how to complain.

This does not mean there is not a long list of things to complain about.

Shoot, my list is as long as anyone’s.

But you would never know.

(ps. rumor has it yesterday’s keynote was remarkable)

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Love In Your Heart

Is it abnormal to feel guilty for having an amazingly positive attitude?

Sentiments that support the law of attraction
Never get bored with the basics of focusing on the positive


Is it abnormal to feel guilty for having an amazingly positive attitude?

Just as courage is not the absence of fear, positivity is not the absence of difficulty.

Truly, if I dwelt on the conflict and challenges in my life as trouble instead of opportunity, I would crumble.

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Mid Life Ailments Thankfully

“This is true joy in life. … To be a force of nature, not a feverish clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” – George Bernard Shaw

If I focused on my ailments and grievances, that’s all you’d hear me talk about.

Instead, I’m thankful that my feet hurt after a long day of standing and teaching others.

There are people who wish they had sore feet.  Well actually, they simply wish they had feet.  Not everyone does.

This reminds me to be thankful for everything. Everything.  Ya with me?


Roll With Mid Life?

Yes, we should “roll with it”, mid life, that is.  There is no avoiding it.  Is there?  Maybe if our lives are cut short, we could avoid mid life, but that’s really the only way.  Who wants that?

Not me.  So what can a person do?  Why not “roll with it“.  A phrase I learned a long time ago.  It means to take whatever you are given and “roll with it“, or make the most of it.

If you can’t change what you are given or presented with, why not make something good from it?  Because if we don’t, then we are destined, it would seem, to complain.  Who wants that? Here, let me demonstrate how simple this concept is. Please pay attention, it’s over in ten seconds.