Did You Do Your Best?

It runs through my mind everyday, all day, like the water over Niagara Falls – relentless, unstoppable, never ending. Only difference is that it’s much more subtle in our brains. The ability to awaken our subconscious minds, which are like the roaring water. Yet Niagara Falls is only visible to us when we get close […]

Four Out Of Five Need…

“Four out of five people are more in need of rest than exercise”. — Dr. Logan Clendening Dr. Clendening died in 1945. He was an important man in medicine and his wisdom on rest versus exercise has stood the test of time. Most truths do. We recognize exercise to be critically important, with the assumption […]

Mid Life and Time

Mid Life and Time. “Happiness may well consist primarily of an attitude toward time”. — Robert Grudin Is this not a BFO?  A Blinding Flash of the Obvious? Recently, I shared with our son that I’m especially challenged this year to spend time with him. I feel it, but can’t tell if he does.  He […]

Unique @ Mid Life?

Unique @ Mid Life? “You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost”. —  Martha Graham Martha was no doubt talking about dance. I’m not. This is about our unique purpose on our planet. Now. Before it’s too late, we should be on our way to fulfilling it. Otherwise, as […]

Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg?

Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg? This question is vague. And also vague sometimes, is my courage to admit I’m at mid life and that the clock is ticking. If I’m to do something great. If I’m to make a difference. I’m to quit making excuses. If I’m to leave my comfort zone behind. I […]