This Dude Can Talk, Talk, Talk

Has it ever taken you your entire life to finally meet a certain type of person? But as of last week, I can now say I met, and spoke at length with, a professional auctioneer.

Are you willing to ask a complete stranger important questions? So I asked away. Always do.

He said on separate occasions, each teenage child called him to come pick them up because they were not fit to drive. He promised them they would never get in trouble for this, and that he would come get them any hour of the night.

It takes a strong parent to do this. And even more important, it takes a wise parent. A wise parent makes it crystal clear. Clarity, going once, twice, sold!

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Thankful Midlife Parent

Are you a thankful midlife parent, or maybe thankful midlife grandparent? Gauran-dang-tee I am.

Most married couples think parenting is an entitlement.  Cheryl and I can tell you first hand it doesn’t work that way for all couples.

So, being a mid life Dad makes me thankful beyond any mortal effort to describe it.  Seriously.

But I’ll try.  Here goes.  This is simply a typical revelation, in the journey my son and I have each day. It’s something I’ve been sharing and teaching him with unwavering commitment.

“Once you learn to be honest, it is no longer something to fear. Once you don’t tell the truth, it becomes easier to do it again.”

Honesty builds trust.  Trust reinforces honesty.  And honesty becomes a habit. Simple, but not easy.