Unexpected joy from being sober

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park, hiking to Ptarmigan Tunnel, and looking back where i had been.

Unexpected joy from being sober.

Sober people at a party or event are stereotyped as boring, stiff, serious.

The real stereotype is this: focused, disciplined, fun, spontaneous, in control, uninhibited, confident, creative, strong.

No competitive artist in any genre ever performs spectacularly when drinking.


Strength, confidence, excitement = sober.

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This Dude Can Talk, Talk, Talk

Has it ever taken you your entire life to finally meet a certain type of person? But as of last week, I can now say I met, and spoke at length with, a professional auctioneer.

Are you willing to ask a complete stranger important questions? So I asked away. Always do.

He said on separate occasions, each teenage child called him to come pick them up because they were not fit to drive. He promised them they would never get in trouble for this, and that he would come get them any hour of the night.

It takes a strong parent to do this. And even more important, it takes a wise parent. A wise parent makes it crystal clear. Clarity, going once, twice, sold!

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I’m A Little Drunk

Quit The Same Year
Quit The Same Year


Lady Antebellum.

One of their songs goes, “It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now….”

We drink for many reasons. I drank for nearly three decades.

To fit in.

To escape.

And got pretty good at it.

Lady Antebellum’s song (over 13 million views) is a hit.

Beer commercials are some of the most prolific.

Maybe, we just want to live uninhibited.

It’s possible, without the buzz from a can or bottle.