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How many reputations do you have?

Trick question.

If you live six decades, you’ve come in contact with many people.

How many reputations do you have?

Have you figured it out yet?

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Is it possible to live above reproach?

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(photo: Writing and posting prolifically sort of definitely makes you transparent… it also induces intense self-reflection)

Reproach: To live with shame or disgrace.

Above reproach, the opposite of living with shame or disgrace..

Is this possible?

First, to be crystal clear, it doesn’t mean living without sin.

Living above reproach means something for elders to aspire to.

As leaders.

As teachers.

And always, which seems impossible, with deep humility, gratitude, and conviction.

The only, repeat only, way to know if it’s possible is to try.

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A simple explanation why we are not who we say we are

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Yesterday, today, tomorrow – pick one to live in


We are what we do today, not what we say we’ll do tomorrow.

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One Question A Day?


What do you mean, actions speak louder than words?

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Yesterday’s answer: 1. Behave admirably 2. Serve others 3. Pursue excellence

One Question A Day?


Dad, what are the top three things I can do to influence my reputation?

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Yesterday’s answer: It’s the first thing people think of when they hear your name.