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If Disney was running your life

Season 3 is missing. It was set to publish at 1:00AM.

If Disney was running your life you wouldn’t miss the launch window.


Because people trust you to do what you say you’re going to do.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

Being authentic could be addicting

After 25 years, the ground breaking yesterday, we are finally getting next door neighbors. i texted our future neighbors to share my excitement with them.


Being authentic could be addicting.


Because you never have to think about what you said or did. You are always leading with admirable behavior.

Or, as our Son recently said, “You come across as a goody two-shoes”. By the way, he said that immediately after reading the email reply (a promised agreement with John Jolin) i sent to John Jolin in an effort to take the high road and not get caught up in the negative press that has proliferated in the past few years.

i feel exceptionally healthy and well by always taking the high road. It does kinda feel addicting. Like sunny weather.




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Of course it’s impossible

Mark Twain quote about telling  the truth


(photo: someone’s Facebook update screen shot)

Is it possible to get to a place, probably not until midlife at the earliest, where we are incredibly self-aware and we begin living a different life?

No skeletons in the closet to worry about.

The skeletons are there (and we all have them), but the worry is gone.

To live so that if anyone ever said something bad about you, no one would believe it.

It’s impossible, right?

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Yes of course she’s weird

Harried woman rushing through Atlanta airport


(photo: We Are All Weird is a favorite book)

Yes of course she’s weird:

  • Only one on team to test drive everything we offer our customers
  • Only one driving an antique car every day
  • Only one who who weighs the same she did in high school
  • Only one who starts every single day on her knees
  • And, she is preparing to die so that her remaining days alive are regret free

She is very intentional where others are not.

Bit of a freak to be honest.

And so at peace.

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Neither Grandmother nor Pastor was embarrassed

Began the day (a Sunday morning while on vacation) driving an hour to the Emergency Vet.

Neither a Grandmother nor Pastor would have been embarrassed by what happened last year.

While waiting to see the doctor this photo and link were revisited.


Walt Disney Legacy Award 2013
There are some things that are simply in our DNA and we can not help ourselves


Can you recall the most astonishing moment in your career?

The Walt Disney Legacy Award announcement in February 2013 was the most humbling experience in three Disney Decades.

So many deserving people were nominated and considered.

So many.

Deserving people.

Why not one of them?

A question for which there is no intelligent answer.

The next four posts share a little of the Magic that happened that February morning.

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