Reprise from yesterday’s insight about wisdom and our thoughts

  Reprise from yesterday’s insight about wisdom and our thoughts… •  •  • Had my first drink at 13 the Summer of 1972. Somewhere around 18 i went full-time. At 41, on my third “no, this time i mean it” attempt, i stopped. Impossible is nothing… There was no middle ground for me. Every day or […]

No one in their right mind would pick this day to stop

  (photo: Two young souls riding their great Uncle’s back. If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.) Today, December 30, 13 years ago, was the final drinking day. What fool would pick New Year’s Eve to be the first dry day? No one, right? Next Blog

Ten Years Ago Today, jeff noel Began A Monumental, Life Changing Resolution

jeff noel didn’t stop drinking on New Year’s Day like most people who start monumental promises to change their lives. After all, you can’t stop on December 31, New Year’s Eve, why that’s the world’s biggest party night ever! Agreed? What takes guts is to have your last drinking day be December 30, and go […]