How did your attitude about life change on 9/11?

September 11, 2001…. the day the world stopped turning. How did your attitude about life change on 9/11? My attitude was reinforced on that horrifically tragic day, and the days and weeks following. At the root of Midlife Celebration is an underlying attitude on how to respond to life’s major wake-up calls. Next Blog

Celebrate Our Midlife Struggles, Or Give Up?

We may be closing in on our final two choices: celebrate our midlife struggles or quit. The easy answer is obvious. The answer that may break us, begs for our attention. Quitting is the obvious, easy choice. But celebrate our struggles, our stress, our frustrations from growing older? Seriously? Find beauty in the ashes. Go. Next Blog

Okay, So Here’s Where It Starts Getting Challenging

Dear readers, when the voices in your head say, “Look, people don’t care enough to do what you are dreaming. And even if they did care enough, they aren’t willing to do the hard work to change”, the temptation to quit becomes exceedingly appealing. Right now, it would be sooo much easier to pop a […]