What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing?

School parking lot chalk board
Regret waiting so long to start a Family. (Married 31 years with a 14-year old – do the math)


What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing? And if you are comfortable, please feel free to share why.

If there was a chance for a do-over, and knowing what you know now, what might have changed the outcome?

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Did You Unwrap Your Gift?

Ice Cream For Everyone
Ice Cream For Everyone

Christmas is filled with Joy. Do you exchange gifts this time of year? How about for birthdays?

There are many who think gifts are only physical items, usually bought, but sometime handmade, items.

The real gift at mid life is a cumulative book of wisdom.  People at mid life have varying degrees of self-confidence in the value of their “wisdom book”.

All mid life adults have something to offer.  And most of us have a unique chapter we could add to Life’s Wisdom Book.

Take for example, all these confident, famous people – click here to be inspired and to perhaps grow a bit more confident in your own mid life wisdom.