What Would You Have Done?

As they walked out to their vehicle, there was a moment of choice. Do I watch them walk away and wish I had said something nice, or do I catch up with them and see if I can somehow thank father and son for their inspiring story? Well…..

First Baptist Church Orlando, April 2010

Had no idea 18 months ago life’s “little” choices (ripple effect) would finally reach a midlife celebration blog.

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Dead Serious

Good luck with that Mister…

Yesterday’s post was dead serious. Our educational system is being re-written as I type these words. But it’s happening by default. Not by design. There’s no clear vision.

I’m placing a stake in the ground. Mid Life Celebration, LLC is dedicated to driving the teaching and learning – of mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual (emotional) responsibility, financial (career) responsibility and personal-life administration responsibility – from pre-school through college graduation.

Yes, I have a dream where children enter adulthood equipped with years of practical, common sense life skills.

The thesis being: With every one of Life’s Big Choices comes a consequence.

Follow the path of The Herd, or follow the path of The Movement.

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Teach It In Our Schools

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect, Mid Life Celebration’s definition of The Movement, has visions that we teach this in our schools.

Young children will be taught personal responsibility while they learn to read, write, add and subtract. I suppose this could seem overwhelming, confusing, maybe even ludicrous.

We don’t wait until kids turn 18 to teach them to read & write. And personal responsibility surely doesn’t drop from the sky when young people become “an adult” at 18 or 21. So why do we…

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Life Celebration Ripple Effect

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect. Like Martin Luther King, I, jeff noel, have a dream. And as Gandhi challenged, we must become the change we wish to see in the world.

Let the change start with the elders. Let the male Baby Boomers step up as they begin retiring, to help clean up the world’s mess before they die.

And let the power of The Movement begin to ripple out to Baby Boomer women, Gen X men & women, Gen Y men & women, Millennial men & women, Gen Z too.

But wait, the Life Celebration Ripple Effect goes farther and deeper than anyone imagines.

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