Deep breath, it’s Thursday

Seth Godin on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine
Seth Godin inspires us to think differently, seriously differently


Just pausing for a breath of encouragement – that our big, important dreams have a place in life.

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music. – Angela Monet

It’s never too late.

The only people who believe it’s too late are those that have given up.

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Are we aware of the first person we need to convince?

one key to personal success
Nothing will happen until you convince yourself


Are we aware of the first person we need to convince?

The first person we need to convince is ourselves.

We will never do this if we follow the herd.

A movement is something much more personal, and something we are 100% committed to.

Until we convince ourselves, life progresses as it always has.

Are the things that could be better in our lives things we have control over?

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iPad mini or authenticity?

iPad mini
iPad mini… November 2012


iPad mini or authenticity?

Which will lead The Movement?

The iPad – cutting edge!

Authenticity – cutting edge?

Tell me again who said our adult dreams are not worth pursuing because, well, we’re adults… and we should act our age?


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Dead Serious

Good luck with that Mister…

Yesterday’s post was dead serious. Our educational system is being re-written as I type these words. But it’s happening by default. Not by design. There’s no clear vision.

I’m placing a stake in the ground. Mid Life Celebration, LLC is dedicated to driving the teaching and learning – of mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual (emotional) responsibility, financial (career) responsibility and personal-life administration responsibility – from pre-school through college graduation.

Yes, I have a dream where children enter adulthood equipped with years of practical, common sense life skills.

The thesis being: With every one of Life’s Big Choices comes a consequence.

Follow the path of The Herd, or follow the path of The Movement.

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Ladies & Non-Boomers

To every women, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial, and even Gen Z out there, you are a critical part of Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement.

Start with what you know. Sage advice. Common sense (but not common).

As a male Baby Boomer, born in 1959, I’m what you call an expert in this generational demographic. In fact, I also have Gen X characteristics.

So I’m starting with the people I know the best. The ones I can look in the eye and call their bluff (aka as BS). But you come in right there beside us, as part of the Life Celebration Ripple Effect (LCRE).

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