Disney retirement kicks in today

Todrick Hall and Cheryl Noell
Todrick Hall on the World-Premiere day of Disneyland’s Magic Happens parade.

Disney retirement kicks in today.


Cheryl has had the equivalent of a two-week vacation since her official Disney retirement.

Yesterday began week three of Disney retirement. This means we’ll start feeling the reality of this permanent change. Why? Because a three-week vacation is not something we are used to.

We will create, maintain, and improve a new normal…

Guessing today is the day we go to the Apple store to shop for a Mac. It’s the tool she wants to use to help me create small business Magic.

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Disney retirement is officially official

Orlando Based Motivational Speakers


(photo: Mid Life Celebration released on Amazon nearly a year to the day – everything is going according to plan…)

What happens when you pair one of your bold, audacious goals with living like you mean it?

Received the call from the Fidelity Benefits Coordinator that retirement is officially official. While Disney had processed the separation two weeks ago, it also had to upload into Fidelity’s system. That happened today.

A surreal feeling that helps make this life event feel more real. Really real you might say. Burn the ships real.

When a spouse retires this creates what’s called a life event. A life event qualifies as significant enough to allow for modifying health care coverage to include a retired spouse.

Dear Son, what looks like luck, privilege, or ease is massively anything but. So glad you know this without a shadow of a doubt.

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Before he could say anything, the other already knew

After days of facilitating transformational insights, we had a final dinner together at the Mexican restaurant below. While snapping a few pictures of the colorful decor, the other was getting caught up on work emails.


Mexican Restaurant


Orlando Based Keynote Speaker jeff noel


How many once-in-a-lifetime moments do we get?

The boss found out first a couple weeks ago. Then two days ago the colleague he respects immeasurably found out (second) via phone call. Yesterday everyone found out via an (earlier than expected) official email invitation from the boss.

The third person to find out was a client who would wonder why he never said anything all week. To nip that in the bud, he told her last night after the program, and asked her not to tell his colleague because he would do that himself at dinner.

Before the menus were opened, the colleague starts reading aloud the announcement from his work phone email.

It was a moment.

Oh well.

He understood after the explanation.

The next level of mid life celebration officially begins.

Napa Room

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Ever felt there was never any question about the response everyone else would question?

Grat old-school rotary phone
Everyone’s hair turns grey as we age, even the people who hide it.


Ever felt there was never any question about the response everyone else would question?

The book has been blessed.

It was a no brainer, a slam dunk, a sure thing.

Bet everything? Bet your life?



To kill it.



Hard to explain, and this is just cathartic to write.

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Winter and The First Robin


Winter. Winter Solstice. First day of Winter.

It’s obviously winter in the northern states, with the freezing temperatures and all the snow.

But in Central Florida and at the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s difficult to tell when winter arrives, if in fact it ever does.

So today, as we mark the official calendar day that winter starts, I am still listening for the first sign that winter has arrived.

The morning we hear the first Robin Red Breast chipping, we are quietly full of Joy. That’s when winter officially starts for us.