Winter and The First Robin


Winter. Winter Solstice. First day of Winter.

It’s obviously winter in the northern states, with the freezing temperatures and all the snow.

But in Central Florida and at the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s difficult to tell when winter arrives, if in fact it ever does.

So today, as we mark the official calendar day that winter starts, I am still listening for the first sign that winter has arrived.

The morning we hear the first Robin Red Breast chipping, we are quietly full of Joy. That’s when winter officially starts for us.

Happy Winter Solstice 2009

Today is the 2009 Winter Solstice.

Time marches on.  It’s easy to lose track of time.

Isn’t that sort of how we get to mid life and go, “What happened? How did I get here?  This isn’t where I thought I’d end up.”

Anyway, the Joy in this is that we are alive to comprehend it. You get that right?  We are alive?