You are what you read

spare change Orlando
As we walked through Orlando yesterday morning.
don't give spare change initiative
The thought process to create this idea and implement it is extraordinary. The creators are, in my opinion, applying economic sanctions in a last ditch effort to change behavior. People follow the money. Lead them to designated places where assistance can be concentrated and delivered.

You are what you read, and, what you watch and listen to.

Similar to “you are what you eat”, garbage in, garbage out.

Similar to karma, you attract what you put out, “your thoughts are directed by your mental consumption” – what you consume visually and audibly hardwires your thoughts, also known as your attitude.

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i listened for something elusive

quote about struggle
From someone’s Facebook update a few months ago.


i listened for silence.

But heard none.

After several decades, i listened again.

And heard it.

That began an ongoing midlife celebration.




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Winter and The First Robin


Winter. Winter Solstice. First day of Winter.

It’s obviously winter in the northern states, with the freezing temperatures and all the snow.

But in Central Florida and at the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s difficult to tell when winter arrives, if in fact it ever does.

So today, as we mark the official calendar day that winter starts, I am still listening for the first sign that winter has arrived.

The morning we hear the first Robin Red Breast chipping, we are quietly full of Joy. That’s when winter officially starts for us.