Cheryl’s Disney trophy reads 35 years

Foreground, Jungle Cruise pin given as a gift by Mike Simmons a week ago at Lee Cockerell’s mastermind group event.

Cheryl’s Disney trophy reads 35 years.

She doesn’t have it yet, but by the time this publishes, she will.

Yesterday she told her leader she’s retiring from Disney on Valentine’s Day.

Cheryl loves Disney.

Cheryl loves her Family.

Cheryl is going to love her freedom.

How do i know?

Because of the overwhelmingly positive impact of my Disney retirement on Halloween 2014 – it was really scary to leave after 30+ years.

Yet it was a magnificent career move.

While retired from Disney and Disney Institute since 2014, my speaking business continues to put a positive dent in our Universe.

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One year Disney retirement anniversary

Disney Retiree ID
Photo yesterday at Epcot: Yesterday was Halloween 2015, and the one-year anniversary of my retirementment which began at 5pm, October 31, 2014.


The question i get most often, “So how’s retirement life?”, always has the same answer:

Working harder than ever, just not as much.

Every “successful” entrepreneur struggles with insecurities that outsiders will never believe exist.

Insecurity comes with the territory.

Trust me, if you knew how insecure entrepreneurs are, you might even go for it yourself (i’m making the assumption you are too fearful to go out on your own).

i quietly and gradually began convincing myself that i was good enough to go out on my own.

One day at a time for six years before retirement, i thrived and excelled at Disney Institute while building the foundation from which to step out as an entrepreneur.

Last night we went to dinner at Epcot.

It was good to be “on property” (Cast Member-speak for Walt Disney World Resort).

PS. Time flies.

PSS. Many entrepreneurs reach a point (i’m there now) where they look back and think, “What was i so afraid of?” Turns out, most fears are simply the devil tempting you to play it safe.




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Can a once a year tradition and daily traditions transform us?

Food For Families Thanksgiving Day deliveries


(photo: Boxes of food waiting to be delivered to needy families on Thanksgiving morning 2014 – two days ago)

Do you have end of the year holiday traditions?


For how long?

How’d they start?

Why do you keep them alive?

Ever do something for so long you start to take it for granted?

Maybe, right?

What about daily traditions? Is there such a thing?

What about attitude traditions?

Say, making a tradition of subsituting challenge or opportunity in place of problem?

Can a once a year tradition and daily traditions transform us?

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PS. One more day of ‘first month retirement’.

Midlife wakeup calls

Midlife wakeup calls


(photo: Days ago, at a red light… wondering if it’s a false alarm, knowing it may not be.)

The beautiful thing about being mindful and intentional with balanced life choices is that it prepares us for the inevitable.

Being prepared is much better than being unprepared.

The inevitable IS going to happen.

Find solace in getting your affairs in order.

And enjoy the freedom to truly live like you mean it.

No regrets.

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PS. Two more days left in the first month of retirement. 🙂

Clues and ideas are everywhere

Orals based Motivational Speakers


(photo: Bank Wealth Management brochure in customer waiting area yesterday.)

Waiting to discuss money matters. While waiting there was time to flip though a bank brochure. The image above prompted the idea that mind, body, spirit, work, home create a continuous outer circle in life.

The second inside circle represents us. The very middle circle is our purpose.

Every moment of everyday we interact with, and filter, life’s (five) big choices. How we do this will direct, or not direct, our energy towards our purpose.

Bullseye, eh?

PS. Only three more days before the first month of retirement is over.

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