Disney retirement is officially official

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(photo: Mid Life Celebration released on Amazon nearly a year to the day – everything is going according to plan…)

What happens when you pair one of your bold, audacious goals with living like you mean it?

Received the call from the Fidelity Benefits Coordinator that retirement is officially official. While Disney had processed the separation two weeks ago, it also had to upload into Fidelity’s system. That happened today.

A surreal feeling that helps make this life event feel more real. Really real you might say. Burn the ships real.

When a spouse retires this creates what’s called a life event. A life event qualifies as significant enough to allow for modifying health care coverage to include a retired spouse.

Dear Son, what looks like luck, privilege, or ease is massively anything but. So glad you know this without a shadow of a doubt.

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Do you remember one of the most exciting times of your youth?

Disney trading pins
Catch the two words at the top? (authentic, original – talk about timing from a random photo)


Do you remember one of the most exciting times of your youth? The anticipation of something that you knew would be mind-blowing, challenging, and spectacular?

Do those feelings ever return for an encore?

Praying it is so for you.

Yesterday made the first official call to learn about more structured planning for the future. Our attitude is what determines whether we think 10 years out is too soon to start planning.

Hoping incredible youthful feelings return for an encore.

It’s our responsibility.

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