Winter Solstice 2018 means what to you?

Can’t and won’t are not related. Not even close.

Winter Solstice 2018 means what to you?

Randomly, it means there are 10 days until New Year’s Eve – the biggest drinking day of the year.

Will you tip a glass of good tiding to ring in another year?

Secondly, there are four days until the biggest gift-giving day of the year.

My business and my life is anchored in .think .differently

Last night this thought:

i don’t challenge everyone to do something they can’t do, i challenge everyone to do something they are afraid to do.

It’s our classic battle between can’t change and won’t change.

The two are not the same, even though most of us lie to ourselves claiming they are.

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Nearly everything is situational

Homeowner swimming pool app
Yesterday, December 11, it was 85 degrees.


Nearly everything is situational.

Many in the central and northeastern United States were enjoying sixty-plus degree temperatures.

i just smiled as i checked our pool water temperature. It was 79. The water. The air was so warm, we closed the windows and ran the AC.

The weirdness of Christmas shopping in December without a coat and gloves is not weird in Orlando. We do it every year.

As antagonistic as this sounds, i say it with love. If you don’t like the cold weather, perhaps doing something about it would help you get over it. It did for me.

PS. i’m not a fan of the Summer heat, but i’ve learned to embrace and cherish all the wonderful things that come with (insanely hot) sub-tropical summers.




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Harvest What You’ve Sown

Florida Orange Groves take years to produce a crop…

Winter’s on the down side. Many places call it Spring Fever, and people go on Spring Break…to celebrate, have fun, to break from life’s burdens…

But in life, Winter is death. And death will come to us all.

And it’s what we do with our remaining years – starting this very day – that will signal our celebration, our break, our victory over burdens.

And it starts with the smallest of changes.

Who’s in?

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Winter and The First Robin


Winter. Winter Solstice. First day of Winter.

It’s obviously winter in the northern states, with the freezing temperatures and all the snow.

But in Central Florida and at the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s difficult to tell when winter arrives, if in fact it ever does.

So today, as we mark the official calendar day that winter starts, I am still listening for the first sign that winter has arrived.

The morning we hear the first Robin Red Breast chipping, we are quietly full of Joy. That’s when winter officially starts for us.