Subtract mentally

The wild helps you hone the essentials.

Subtract mentally.

Less is more.

Take only what you need, only what you can carry.

Everything else is non-essential.

Shed what distracts or complicates.

Subtract thoughts or ideas that keep the main things from being the main things.

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This Is New

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Top Right Link Will Always Lead You
Top Right Link Will Always Lead You

It is now amazingly easy to click through all five daily blogs, without having to think or remember which order or how many you’ve already visited.

Simply click the top link under Blogroll, on the upper right-hand column. It automatically advances you.

Ever heard these phrases?:

  • Never get bored with the basics
  • It’s common sense, but not common practice
  • The road to excellence has no finish line

On a friend’s suggestion, I’ve simplified navigation between the five daily blogs.

It’s basic, it’s common sense, and just one more simple improvement.

It reminds me of mid life.

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Simple Is Hard

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2010.

We all dream don’t we?  When does dreaming big ever get old?

Big goals and big dreams are a daily thought process for me.  

Big goals require a ton of work, which is why some big dreams have eluded me all my life.

What are your big dreams this year?

Do you have the indomitable will to do the things you’ve never done before?

Ever think about what it must have been like for our forefathers to tame this land we call America, or any land for that matter?

To tame it.

To make it work for them instead of being an overwhelming obstacle.

My big dream is to help others find their indomitable will.  Have been working very hard at this for a long time.

Have you ever worked really hard at something, for a really long time, and started to think that it’s wasn’t worth all the effort?

I thought so. And when I get frustrated, my thoughts automatically turn to the hardships, and indomitable will of our forefathers:

Wait, you didn’t even click on the video. You’re too busy.  Good luck with that.  Seriously.