Would you buy indomitable will if it was for sale?

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where is indomitable will… even the way it sounds is more powerful than commitment, no?

Would you buy indomitable will if it was for sale? As we begin 2013, we’re reminded of last year:

  • the goals we set and met…
  • the goals we set and abandoned…
  • and the goals we wanted to set but didn’t…

As years pass by we become fairly predictable in our goal behavior, for all the reasons we carry with us year after year.

Enter unfailing determination.

How do we make that work? Who’s got time for that level of commitment?

Hey, what if we thought of it this way…. the time will pass anyway, why not keep going?

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  1. We don’t have to buy what’s free, right? Guess some feel if they put up money it will make them more apt to use it.

  2. Jeff, wow, first off, great to see you here. Second, great name (but I digress)….

    You’re correct, we don’t have to buy what’s free. Time is free.

    And time is the great equalizer. No matter our age, status, experience, we all get the same 24 hours.

    On a side note, can we purchase indomitable will on Amazon? 🙂

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