Being creative is mandatory

Onward billboard
Los Angeles billboard last week.

Being creative is mandatory.

Writing this on the plane to Maryland.

Writing this on a phone.

Writing this as year 11 of prolific blogging is nearly completed. 

No one cares that 3,000 more blog posts than the posted world record 17,212 posts by a single author have been written on these five blogs.

No one cares about a Father over-focusing on a shared experience.

When you learn to do things simply because you want to, for whatever good and decent reasons, you are living well.

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Authentic and pure

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
His last leader at Disney labeled him a zealot.


Internal scripts and conversations we have with ourselves can influence our beliefs into something that isn’t true.

A great friend, Dennis, says things only become sayings or cliches if they are true.

You cannot be a prophet in your hometown.

It is not the world that frightens him. It’s his friends.

Like most, he has held back on his dreams his entire life because of the negative scripts, even though he could easily be mistaken for being bold and inspired.

It’s killing him because he struggles to overcome what should be easy to overcome:


He will figure it out, but probably not today.

It really comes down to this mini-epiphany:

Is it fear or humility holding him back?

Maybe it’s the fear of not appearing humble.

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Is this the type of attitude that means everything?

Lecturer's shoe while on a tour


(photo: Constantly remind ourselves not to judge because we are not in their shoes)

Most of us will not be consciously aware of the transformational change that a wakeup call potentially brings.

If we ever thought about preparing to die… getting all our affairs in order so we can do and say the things we feel are most important… any form of ulterior motive is mute.

None of those motives matter, because death is around the corner.

Who cares about material things, or titles, etc?

No one who is counting their days.

If we could live like that without a sense of eminent death, how glorious would that be?

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