Who would you be if Facebook didn’t exist?

Siri screen
Just Siri it and find what you need.


Profound question…

Who would you be if Facebook didn’t exist?

Facebook provides everyone with a microphone (or megaphone).

Here’s the thing.

Generally, most vocal people treat their audience as if they bought a front row ticket to their show.

Think about it.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you can’t wait to log into Facebook in the morning and see everyone’s updates?

PS. Create a Facebook Page where your audience has to sign up. See how many likes you get then. Pretty scary ain’t it? What’s stopping you from creating a FB page? Rejection?

Just because it’s easy to shout doesn’t mean people like shouters.

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Mid Life Updates

Rethink, Reprioritize, Recommit
Rethink, Reprioritize, Recommit

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend. I actually worked Saturday at my “real job” – yes, I’m a career employee at a large company.

This whole five daily blogs thing is like a hobby, like growing a garden or something. And as any avid gardener will tell you, “It’s a labor of love.”

Quite literally, a labor of love – for a child.

Anyway, back to the updates:

1.  Erika Liodice’s Mid Life Celebration Guest Blogger post yesterday was a first here. Please check out her site, Beyond The Gray, if you want a midlife perspective from a not yet 30-year old.  Erika gave me “my first big break” as a Guest Blogger.

2.  The numbers thing the other day. (gulp) Well, that was sort of like a time capsule to look back on later.

3.  February is about Peace. Peace to me means –  tranquility, balance, solace, contentment, harmony, simplicity, acceptance.