Carpe Diem and Be Inspired

Carpe diem and be inspired.

Mid Life is a wonderful opportunity to challenge yourself to do things you’ve always wanted to, but were:

  • Too busy
  • Too scared
  • Tried but failed
  • Thought were impossible
  • Foolish
  • Blah, blah, blah

There’s always going to be reasons to make you hesitate, quit, or chicken out.

What would it take for you to overcome this?  These are the questions and the challenge I place before myself.

Would you like a seat at the same table?

If so, then make today the day you stretch yourself. Do one small thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Do it. You can. You can do it.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Personally, I think regret stinks.

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