That’s how it feels at this moment.

It started yesterday when I came home to find the UPS package at the front door.

The official USA World Championship Team jersey.

To make sure it fit, I tore open the package and tried it on.

It fit perfectly.

Then it hit me.

Complete and utter disbelief, and yet at the same time, an indescribable feeling of honor, joy and responsibility.

At that very moment, I completely understood how the real USA Olympians must feel after spending a lifetime to make a dream come true.

I wish you the best as you think about whether your dreams are worth pursuing.

I know that, even if I finish dead last, the ten years was completely worth it.

Because now I now I tried my best. No regrets. None. It’s called Peace.

Carpe diem, jeff noel, out in Lane 8 🙂

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