Rare & Special Mid-Life?

Rare & Special Mid-Life?

“It’s really rare and special that some one’s parents get to be a mascot at a child’s party”.

A parent, and friend, made this reply last Fall after they asked us what we did for Halloween.  Our son loves Calvin & Hobbs.  He dressed up like Calvin.  My wife and I dressed like Calvin’s parents.

My wife sews and is incredibly artistic.   Off the charts artistic.  Seriously.

I was going through some piles of paperwork at my home office and stumbled upon the post-it note.

You see, when we got home, I wrote a quick note about what our friend said, because it was said with such spontaneity and sincerity, that I felt maybe we had actually done something incredibly special without even knowing it.

I hope so.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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