Done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect.

I saw that thought on a blog yesterday.  It made me think.

In my life, and maybe in yours, I have found myself, sometimes, paralyzed when faced with choices that are important.

The choices come with risks, particularly the risk of failure.  Or worse, not only failing, but “looking stupid”.

So, during my prolonged mid-life crisis, I’ve accelerated my sense of urgency and increased my threshold for failure and looking stupid.

This thought that, done is better than perfect, was just the sort of mid-life sage advice I needed to hear.

Today’s wish from all of us at Mid Life Celebration, is that you find the courage and will to push through your fears.

I can only begin to explain the mid-life liberation it has provided – beyond my wildest dreams.

Dream big!  We only get one chance.  Carpe diem, jeff noel   🙂

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