Humble Servant

Humble servant. Profoundly simple. Easy to remember. Easy enough for others to remember it. But not powerful enough to get others motivated to think long enough, and hard enough, to do anything about theirs.

Seeing Is Believing

Here’s the 463-word Vision/Mission Statement: Wait. That’s not it.  Sorry. That 463-word vision/mission statement has been on our refrigerator for over a decade, and now I can’t find it. In it’s place, this One-Take You Tube video I shot two days ago. It basically covers, more or less, the essence of those two words. So […]

463 Word Vision Statement

There once was a man from Nantucket, …. Okay, sorry, forgive me please. There once was a man from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, who traveled around the country, by bus, by (someone else’s) car and by bicycle. In 1984, he and his wife of one year, flipped a coin.  Palm trees and sunshine won out over […]

Mid LIfe Mission Statement

Here’s a free resource for developing your Mid Life Mission statement In my 50 years on Earth, I’ve asked thousands of people what the meaning of life is.  Seriously, I have.  And still do. Know what the most common response is? Surprise? Second most common response? Guilt. I’ll bet right now that 99% of you […]