463 Word Vision Statement

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

There once was a man from Nantucket, ….

Okay, sorry, forgive me please.

There once was a man from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, who traveled around the country, by bus, by (someone else’s) car and by bicycle.

In 1984, he and his wife of one year, flipped a coin.  Palm trees and sunshine won out over mountains and wide-open spaces.

As the years went by, he read many a good book. Gained a ton of knowledge, and even hand-crafted a personal vision/mission statement.

A 463-word vision/mission statement.

Until one day, while teaching to others the critical importance of a leader’s vision, he had a flash of brilliant insight.

The reason people don’t remember fancy, wordsmithed corporate vision/mission statements is due to one glaring reason.

With only a few glorious exceptions, they are way too fancy and way too long.

So he set out to do something about it.

And he labored and poured his heart and soul into it. He took a 463-word vision statement and made it shorter.

Much shorter.

He made it 461 words shorter.  For real.

He made it two words.

By jeff noel

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  1. Kelle, thanks for your comment. Yes, yes, I’ll tell everyone, again.
    It’s no secret, but it is a bit funny what happens when I take little things for granted.
    So many people do not have a personal vision/mission statement.
    What I’ve discovered is that mine is so simple and easy to remember that others can remember it, but they have yet to realize the power of their own.
    Stay tuned.

  2. Lori, excellent try. In fact, carpe diem is really the “battle cry” if you will.

    The two-word vision is coming.

    I often describe vision as lofty, hard to articulate, not describing it the same exact way twice, and it may even be impossible.

    So when you see the two words, please know it’s exactly that, lofty, maybe even impossible.

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