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Is there such a thing as inspiration fatigue?

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some organizations encourage, promote and recognize bedrock values


Is there such a thing as inspiration fatigue?

The top 15 most inspiring TED talks.

Save for a rainy day, whatever that means.

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Things I Learned Yesterday

So much inspiration, so little time

Funny sign about an I don't care attitude
Other people really don’t care if we think they need to change


So much inspiration, so little time.

We all want to change for the better, but… (and it’s a big but)…

Our resistance to personal growth and positive change seems to be insidiously led by believing that someone else needs to change first.

The temptation to be sad from this reality is actually part of the mid life celebration. We can rejoice knowing we do not need to wait. In fact, it’s liberating to know waiting is not part of it.

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Jacob’s Ladder?

"The Office"
"The Office"

Heading back to Walt Disney World (home) in a few hours. Travel is part of life for many. You meet a lot of people. And in our rush to get here and there, we often miss the small, golden opportunities to expand our horizons.

I talk to every cab driver, and always start a brief conversation from the plane seat, quickly evaluating whether or not the person feels like briefly talking. And most of the time, I’d be content to relax and sit quietly, or do work.

But in midlife, our clock is ticking, so I take small opportunities to uncover inspiration to share on these blogs. And it’s everywhere. Bet we’ll hear about in the next day or two.

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PS. Jacob left Russia with $100 in his pocket, 19 years ago. Mark is a world-class auctioneer, and a very wise Father. Two years ago, Carol’s (a children’s fashion designer) friend, 50, suddenly discovered she had pancreatic cancer and  was given three months.

Joy In Your Spirit

Selling Hope Inspiration

What brings people Joy?  And why do people try to bring joy to others? Also, what is it about joy that makes us feel good, whether we give joy or receive joy?

It really doesn’t matter does it?

I mean, giving, or receiving, joy always makes us feel good. I love that about joy. Who doesn’t, right?

Yesterday you heard that Mid Life Celebration isn’t selling anything that costs money, and that Mid Life Celebration is one of five daily blogs written by jeff noel (hello), from Orlando, Florida.

Please, make no mistake, eventually there will be an effort to make money – a lot of money – to give away to people.

And also, please make no mistake, Mid Life Celebration is dedicated to making the world a better place, never resting in an effort to sell hope and inspiration.

Outlasting Fear

What’s Your Excuse?

“We should all do what in the long run gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry”.E. B. White

Or being a High School Basketball Team Manager:

If you had your life to live over, what would you change?

Well, you can’t live it over so it’s time to make a choice.  If you had a “second chance” starting today, what would you change?

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