Back To The Future

The value of one ordinary day

Apple Store team meeting
Yesterday morning


“How was your day?”, we often get asked.

Yesterday waiting for the Apple Store to open, my reflection in the lower right quadrant, and a team meeting in the upper right quadrant. There for a one-to-one personal tutorial.

Later in the day:

Family movie outing to see Tomorrowland at Disney’s Pleasure Island AMC 24 theaters. It was over-the-top inspiring.

Driving home, a dinner stop at Contempo Cafe.

Arriving home, another client check arrived in the mailbox from a speaking engagement two days ago.

Perfect timing of the Belmont Stakes to see American Pharoah win the Triple Crown.

Then finally, watched audition number two of America’s Got Talent, a show about people chasing their dream.

All that inspiration made it challenging to want to go to sleep.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse

Cabin bedroom and open door


(photo: The cabin loft looking into the bedroom, early morning, Labor Day weekend)

Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing.

Rarely, like today, is it a curse.

  1. Still have a million observations from the Labor Day fraternity reunion in the North Carolina mountains.
  2. Heading ‘home’ to Spring Grove, Pennsylvania tomorrow to see family.
  3. The logistics of an imminent life change are also flooding the idea generator.

A bountiful midlife harvest?

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Every great CEO knows this

Apple Store Genius Bar sign
Doesn’t take a genius to comprehend the power of common sense


Being inspired is an inside job.

Every CEO who gets great financial results and whom people admire knows this.

Our attitude impacts everything else in our life.

For the front line person. For the CEO.

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Book Publishing

Which of the two obvious choices do we choose with inspirational messages

Mid Life Celebration book banner
Xulon Press is a fantastic resource for authors


Inspiration fatigue?

Inspiration multiplier?

Watched Saving Mr. Banks and Jobs yesterday.

And resisted the temptation to post a note and link – on all the social media channels – to buy a book.

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Midlife inspiration from garbage and the Landfilharmonic


What is possible in our life is up to us.

Anything is possible.

And everything is impossible.

Until it’s not.

Wishing you the best today.

Feed your outlook on life everyday. All day. Every. Day.

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