Everything Is Important

The virtues of focus and discipline are not self-evident

Attitudes salon in Valparaiso
A divine sign near the beginning of yesterday’s run. Attitude IS everything.


Up early.

Three morning prayers.

Write five blogs.

Go for a run.

Meet friends, and fellow business owners, for breakfast.

Tour their facilities.

Two flights to get home.

Some texts with encouraging news about future business with two different clients.

Conversation with fellow passenger which may lead to future business.

Ice cream at Twistee Treat drive thru for dinner on the drive home.

Catch up with wife and son.


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The Great Summer of 2012

Multiple midlife crisis’?

shoot out
will our lives come down to an overtime shoot-out?

We avoid truth when we ignore our mid-life crisis as a right-of-passage. Alas, instead we see it as a dangerous chapter in our life’s story. But what if we had them (midlife crisis) all the time? What if we took the resources and trust we’ve earned, and shared the momentum we’ve gained, and use it to help ourselves let go of the other stuff?

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The Great Summer of 2012

So much really, but so little actually

lots to be thankful for (03.04.12)

We have so much to be thankful for, really. But so little of it is actually necessary.

Insight: All we really need is peace in our soul, joy in our spirit and love in our heart.

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Dear Son, Gone Are The Plans And Security Our Former Life Savings Afforded

Leave no trace of bitterness nor negativity.

Dear Son, the dreams we had of buying this thing or that, plus the security of having a rainy day fund – it all vanished. A poor attitude would have focused on this. Instead, the joy and sense of completeness we felt, and still feel, can not be bought at any earthly price. That is what a positive attitude will buy you.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, You May Be Asking How Is It Possible To Find Blessings In Hardships

The alligator (center) has no natural enemies (except man).

Dear Son, watch nature. Learn from nature. Pay attention. Every living thing has an enemy, even those at the top of the food chain. Man is his own enemy. Like I said, pay attention. The first rule of nature is survival of the fittest.

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