Can you sell yourself on the better of two decent choices?

bike ride point of view
My office some mornings, like yesterday, for example.


Can you sell yourself on the better of two decent choices?

Much of life, whether we like it or not, comes down to choices.

There are two kinds of choices.

  1. The ones we make for ourselves.
  2. The ones others make for us.

Every morning for the past seven-plus years i have had the choice to spend two hours writing five blog posts. i’ve said yes 2,657 consecutive days.

And yesterday morning during a business call, i discovered that i have no choice in whether or not a client picks me over another business advisor.

So now a new opportunity. How to convince the CEO that hiring a team of people has limitations that hiring a single expert doesn’t have.

i love this.




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Selling Hope Inspiration

What brings people Joy?  And why do people try to bring joy to others? Also, what is it about joy that makes us feel good, whether we give joy or receive joy?

It really doesn’t matter does it?

I mean, giving, or receiving, joy always makes us feel good. I love that about joy. Who doesn’t, right?

Yesterday you heard that Mid Life Celebration isn’t selling anything that costs money, and that Mid Life Celebration is one of five daily blogs written by jeff noel (hello), from Orlando, Florida.

Please, make no mistake, eventually there will be an effort to make money – a lot of money – to give away to people.

And also, please make no mistake, Mid Life Celebration is dedicated to making the world a better place, never resting in an effort to sell hope and inspiration.