Jacob’s Ladder?

"The Office"
"The Office"

Heading back to Walt Disney World (home) in a few hours. Travel is part of life for many. You meet a lot of people. And in our rush to get here and there, we often miss the small, golden opportunities to expand our horizons.

I talk to every cab driver, and always start a brief conversation from the plane seat, quickly evaluating whether or not the person feels like briefly talking. And most of the time, I’d be content to relax and sit quietly, or do work.

But in midlife, our clock is ticking, so I take small opportunities to uncover inspiration to share on these blogs. And it’s everywhere. Bet we’ll hear about in the next day or two.

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PS. Jacob left Russia with $100 in his pocket, 19 years ago. Mark is a world-class auctioneer, and a very wise Father. Two years ago, Carol’s (a children’s fashion designer) friend, 50, suddenly discovered she had pancreatic cancer and  was given three months.

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