The paradox of a simple question that is hidden from most humans

meaning of life
we have bus loads of questions in life, there are only a handful of answers that matter


Life is full of questions. Some easy, some difficult. Some complex, some simple.

I have found the simplest questions are also the most challenging to answer… until they’re not.

If we relentlessly dog the question, it will eventually tire, and we will catch it and discover an astonishingly simple answer.

And our lives will never again be the same.

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December 31, 2010

The meaning of Life:

  • Love & Be Loved
  • Fulfill Your Unique Purpose
  • Embrace Faith & Hope In Tomorrow
  • Live In The Present
  • Serve Others Humbly
  • Balance Life’s Big 5 Choices

We could argue, add, subtract, debate. Doesn’t matter.

What matters is having your list, one you can remember and share easily.

If not, you’re in no position to debate. None. Take a stand. Nail it down for crying out loud.

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We Miss The Whole Point

There Famous Slogan Is Long Gone
Their Famous Slogan Is Long Gone

There’s a lesson, an insight, a revelation, a blinding flash of the obvious in this post for you, as we conclude this week’s theme from the former Rock and Roller.

As Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and even Gen-Y age, things change. Physical maifestations are easy to recognize – grey hair, wrinkles, weight gain, aches, even our music’s volume.

Change is good, unless you sell out on your claim to fame. Ron-Jon Surf Shop used to be just that, a single Cocoa Beach Florida Surf Shop – “Not One Of Many, One Of A Kind“.

Until their expansion. Cash is king. It used to be passion.

Remember? Totally famous? A “must-see” Florida Tourist attraction for decades. To leave Florida without a Ron-Jon T-shirt was unthinkable for most sunshine and beach lovers.

Back to the story, Flash says (because I asked him) the meaning of life is here and now.

Right now. This is it. It’s what we have in front of us and what we do with it.

The chase, the search for something better is the devil. In our efforts to go, or be, somewhere other than here, we miss the whole point.

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(absolute coincidence, Ron Jon Founder arrested yesterday)


What do you want from life“?, was the question.  “Nuthin’“, was the answer.

Mid Life Crisis is when you look at what you – need, want and have.

One person’s scenerio:

  • Works in a northern city
  • Works for the city
  • Has big monthly car payment
  • Rents a dwelling
  • Good salary
  • Not married
  • No Children

Then he says, “You don’t want a cure for your son, you want a cure for you”.

The other person’s scenerio:

  • Lives in southern suberbs
  • Works for big, well-respected company
  • Has no car payments
  • Owns a home
  • Good salary
  • Married
  • Children

A Potential Danger

We're All Looking For This
We're All Looking For This

Finding your purpose in midlife is a beautiful thing. And it may be as simple as the exercise described in yesterday’s links.

As I was reading them and reflecting on them, it occurred to me why I still had a reservation about the whole idea of writing down, and re-writing until it made you cry, your life’s purpose. A brilliant idea, by the way.

It reinforced Mid Life Celebration’s approach as solid, valid, and important. I was very grateful for the opportunity to have my thinking challenged.

Here’s the secret no one wants to admit. While setting a goal as important as your life’s purpose is critical work, pursuing it with passion and tenacity for the rest of your life is a completely different story.

It reminded me of lofty and meaningful New Year’s Resolutions. They usually fail.

And that’s why this midlife blog is helpful to all of you facing an impending midlife crisis, or those of you smack dab in the center of one right now.

Here, everyday, you’ll find a small insight, tip, or story – in real time – to help you pursue your life’s purpose with passion and tenacity. Every day. Got it?