The paradox of a simple question that is hidden from most humans

  Life is full of questions. Some easy, some difficult. Some complex, some simple. I have found the simplest questions are also the most challenging to answer… until they’re not. If we relentlessly dog the question, it will eventually tire, and we will catch it and discover an astonishingly simple answer. And our lives will […]

We Miss The Whole Point

There’s a lesson, an insight, a revelation, a blinding flash of the obvious in this post for you, as we conclude this week’s theme from the former Rock and Roller. As Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and even Gen-Y age, things change. Physical maifestations are easy to recognize – grey hair, wrinkles, weight gain, aches, even […]

A Potential Danger

Finding your purpose in midlife is a beautiful thing. And it may be as simple as the exercise described in yesterday’s links. As I was reading them and reflecting on them, it occurred to me why I still had a reservation about the whole idea of writing down, and re-writing until it made you cry, […]