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Our Son, A Guardian of Ga’Hoole

“Once upon a very long time ago, in the time of Glaux, there was an order of knightly owls, from a kingdom called Ga’Hoole, who would rise each night into the blackness and perform noble deeds.  They spoke no words but true words, their purpose was to right all wrongs, to make strong the weak, mend the broken, vanquish the proud, and make powerless those who abuse the frail.  With hearts sublime they would take flight —-“

In mentioning to a work colleague that I recently read the first (in a NY Times best seller series), Guardians of Ga’Hoole book, and how refreshing it was to not read a business or self-help book, she said her doctor commented that this is a tactic to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

While I had never heard this before it made me feel good.  How often do we, as mid life adults, hear something totally unsubstantiated and automatically believe it’s true?

The real reason I started reading Guardians of Ga’Hoole is to find common ground with our son (9). Perhaps that’s a good antidote against aging too.


Mid-Life Irritation?

Mid-Life Irritation?



Of course.  Getting older, our body isn’t the same as it was.  It’s easier to get hurt.  Easier to have physical limitations.  It’s called the aging process.

It can also happen mentally, spiritually, financially.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”.  — Carl Jung

Like yesterday’s post, this is a reminder for me.  

Reminders, I believe, need to happen everyday.  And sometimes, all day.

We get distracted very easily as adults. 

Overwhelmed with life.


Over committed.

You name it, it’s easy to let go of the important, in order to medicate ourselves with the urgent.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I never said what I post here would be obvious.  Sometimes what you read here will require you to reread it and even spend some time reflecting on it.  Or not.

Choice is yours.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Happy choosing and carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂