Mid Life Thursday

Mid Life Thursday.  We’ve been living in central Florida for 25 years.  We even live within a couple miles of Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Epcot Theme Parks.

Disney is the area’s biggest employer. and at Disney World, Thursday is payday.  Some 60,000 pay checks every week, I think.

There are acronyms for the Disney Theme Parks.  Take EPCOT:

  • Employee Paychecks Come on Thursday
  • Every Person Comes Out Tired
  • Every Parent Carries One Toddler
  • Experimental Polyester Costumes Of Torture

People have wild imaginations to figure these acronyms out.

I’d wanted to apply that same creativity and fun into figuring out my mid life crisis.

So, I tried.  Here’s what I came up with back in the 1990’s – Mid Life Celebration.

Have fun today.  Use your mid life imagination.  And your mid life fun factor.

And make it a GREAT Thursday.  If not today, when?

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