Older Women Need This?

Time Magazine: This Is Headline News
Time Magazine: This Is Headline News

Do you scan headlines for interesting, funny or important news?  I do.

Yesterday, while scanning my Earthlink homepage, saw an article that caught my attention.  Was on the run and didn’t have time to read it, but wanted to save it, because these headlines constantly change.

The article, Older Women Need One-Hour Workouts To Fend Off Flab, provided a button to post to Facebook, but not Twitter.

I sent it to Facebook to “save” it, to read later

Apparently, it caused a minor stir amongst some midlife folks.

It was no consolation when I suggested that older men have the same challenge.

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  1. Why not suggest it for everyone old and young? I read the same article and it talked about results from a study that showed women who got 60 minutes of moderate exercise 7 days a week were able to keep off the “creeping” weight gain associated with the aging process.

    Why not rewrite the pariadigm (there’s your buzzword for the day) and apply it to everyone? Who says that the norm is to have creeping weight gain? Let’s make the norm creeping weight loss!

    As always, great post!

  2. Thanks David. It was the author’s choice of title and content. I actually suggested in my Facebook comments that it is a “universal” challenge.

    I’d like someone to tell me that walking 30-60 minutes, five days per week, partnered with healthy (not obsessive) eating habits, for the rest of their life wouldn’t transform their health.

    Thanks for stopping by. Carpe diem, jeff

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